January 13, 2018 marks a special event for us: 25 years of existence for Infodesign.

Throughout this period, the company has been endeavoring and, hopefully, most of the times, has managed to provide its customers and partners with a mix of services designed to bring success to other brands: IT services, starting with network architecture implementation of multiple cyber security solutions; Web & Mobile Software Development at the highest quality; PR campaigns, Branding, and Visual Identityessential ingredients in building business credibility; Online and Offline Direct Marketing Solutions to achieve goals through successful campaigns; as well as a variety of top-quality advertising products.

With a 25 year experience background, all these services realized through a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, by our specialists are beneficial in delivering performance for any type of project, both in Romania and abroad.

25 years is a lot. It means thousands of hours of work, hundreds of successful projects, but sometimes also disillusion, it means the infodesignists of then and now. It also means perseverance, teamwork and the power of each believing in our own individual capabilities which have made us what we are today: a strong brand that helps other businesses become remarkable on the national and international markets, said Octavian Marin, president and founder of the Infodesign Group.

At the same time, he thanked all the partners for their contribution to what defines the company today.

About a quarter of a century ago, we go on the road with a business philosophy: even if you do not know how to do it or how to produce it, we know that we can document through will, common sense, structured thinking, passion and fairness we can get anything. We are glad that our colleagues who have adopted and further perpetuated these values have understood this. So we thank all those we like to call infodesignists, our partners for stability and trust, our suppliers for reliability and our customers because they challenged us and made us ambitious. You have all contributed to our evolution and continuity and we hope it will remain an inheritance that will last over time, Octavian Marin also said.

Starting with January 13, 1993 as a single-employee company, Infodesign has evolved from the survival status of the difficult transition years to the highly-developed conglomerate division that offers complex services for brand development as well as outsourcing in IT and accounting. Thus, four departments have emerged: advertising production and software development and web or mobile applications, IT Solutions, security solutions distribution as well as financial.

The company currently owns three headquarters: in Bucharest, Iasi, but also in Bulgaria.

The 25-year anniversary is marked by adopting a new temporary visual identity to be used until the end of this year, as well as a series of articles and interviews that are part of theSpecial 25” box.

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